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We Get Your Complaints Heard And Resolved

Shikayat Peti is a revolutionary online complaint registration portal that facilitates the creation of a direct complaint channel between the customer and the company. We focus on bringing the users closer to the companies in order to strengthen trust and build long-term relationships. We do this by providing a platform where people can be heard better, even if they don't have a lot of money or power. We understand the pain of users when they want to complain or want to get their issues resolved by a company. We at Shikayat Peti, endeavour to resolve your issues and/or complaints as quickly as possible at no cost.

The Strength Of Your Customer Service

Shikayat Peti is the solution to all your problems. We are India's first virtual complaints desk that connects you with the company through our consumer complaints portal. Registering a complaint has never been easier. Within no time, our platform allows you to post your grievances and connect with the concerned brand and companies. We operate in all verticals including businesses, professionals, government and NGOs where we help them manage their relationships better with their customers. We make the gateway between government agencies and the users smoother. We provide users with a platform to directly get in touch with their favourite brands and companies.

How It Works?

In Just 3 Easy Steps - -

1. Select Company.

2. Speak Or Type Your Complaint

3. Validate & Submit.

Mobile Application:
Complaint On the Go!

  • Other than our online complaint registration website, We also have an integrated Mobile App for the customers to lodge their complaints on the go.The app enables companies to respond in real-time, thereby improving experience and creating transparency in the overall process.

Raise Complaints Through WhatsApp

One of the best ways to raise a complaint is also through whatsapp. We have associated with whatsapp to provide our services through this application. If somehow you are not able to reach us through our website or mobile app, you can always contact us on Whatsapp. Apart from getting information, in some cases, customers can also complain about the services of the business which they have received. Our executive will reach out to you with all the details of your complaint.

Words From Our Users

Ravi V.

Shikayat Peti has taken a good initiative by providing this platform for any user to raise their requests. Keep it up!