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Shikayat Peti is an online customer service enquiry portal that strives to connect businesses and their customers. The platform makes it simple for users to ask questions and make improvements. This helps the company in enhancing its products, services, and customer happiness. Customers can also engage on the app and receive answers from the company itself. We achieve this by giving a space for everyone to be heard more effectively, regardless of their income or authority. We understand what users need when they want to raise an enquiry or have a company respond to their questions. Shikayat Peti will make every attempt to get your query answered by the company as quickly as possible and at no expense.

Get Your Answers Quickly And Effortlessly!

Shikayat Peti is a customer service enquiry portal to connect the customer and the company. It provides a simple, quick and effective way for customers to get answers from companies in their area of interest. It handles all queries, suggestions that you want to pass on to the company. Customers can directly share their issues with the company using our portal. The portal helps customers in managing their enquiries in an efficient way by making it a single point of contact for companies and providing transparency. All you have to do is enter your query, choose a category and send it. You will directly receive a reply from the company which can be easily checked at the Shikayat Peti dashboard. You will receive notification when the company replies to your query.

How It Works?

In Just 3 Easy Steps - -

1. Select Company.

2. Speak Or Type Your Enquiry

3. Validate & Submit.

Mobile Application:
Raise Enquiry on the Go!

  • We have an integrated Mobile App that allows users to raise their enquiries while on the go, in addition to our online enquiry registration website. The app enables users to raise enquiries in a user friendly way.

Raising Enquiry Through WhatsApp

Communication using Whatsapp is a brilliant way to get in touch with someone. We've integrated our platform with Whatsapp to make our services available on WhatsApp as well. You can always contact us by Whatsapp. Our representative will contact you to discuss your concern.

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